Adjusting The Throttle Valve Switch

How To Adjust the Throttle Valve Switch To Specification (2.6L Isuzu Pick Up, Rodeo, Amigo, 2.6L Honda Passport)

The throttle valve switch has a to be adjusted when replaced (or if it has been mis-adjusted).

These are the factory manual steps:

  1. Start and warm up the engine till it reaches its normal operating temperature. Once warmed up, stop the engine.
  2. Place a .24" (.60 mm) feeler gauge between the throttle linkage lever and the throttle linkage stop screw (this throttle plate stop screw is on the throttle body).
    1. The throttle linkage lever is identified by the number 1 in the photo below.
    2. The throttle linkage stop screw is identified by the number 2 in the photo below.
  3. Unplug the throttle valve switch from its connector.
  4. With your multimeter in Ohms mode, continuity should exist between pin #1 and pin #2.
  5. If your multimeter does not indicate continuity then loosen the throttle valve adjustment screws and rotate the switch till your multimeter registers continuity.
  6. Tighten the TV switch adjustment screws to lock in the adjustment.
  7. Now, check continuity between pin #2 and pin #3 with the throttle plate in its wide open throttle (WOT) position. Your multimeter should register continuity.
  8. Reconnect the throttle valve switch to its connector and you're done.
How To Adjust the Throttle Valve Switch To Specification (2.6L Isuzu Pick Up, Rodeo, Amigo, 2.6L Honda Passport)

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