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Testing the fuel injectors on your 3.0L V6 equipped Dodge (Chrysler or Plymouth) vehicle can seem quite the challenge since the fuel injectors are under upper intake... [read more]

This tutorial will help you test the throttle position sensor on your 1998-2000 Dodge (or Plymouth) mini-van equipped with a 3.0L V6 engine. The TPS test is done with a... [read more]

The throttle position sensor (TPS) provides one of the most critical pieces of information that your 3.0L Chrysler vehicle's needs to... [read more] at:

Testing the throttle position sensor (TPS) on your 1996-1997 3.0L Dodge Caravan or 3.0L Grand Caravan (3.0L Plymouth Voyager or 3.0L Grand Voyager) can be easily and... [read more]

This tutorial will help you diagnose a P0755 (OBD II) or Code 42 (OBD I) Transmission Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). You'll learn how to do a resistance test of the 2-4... [read more]

A broken timing belt will cause your 3.0L SOHC Chrysler car or mini-van to crank but not start. Thankfully, the 3.0L SOHC is not an... [read more] at:

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to resitance test the Under-Drive Shift Solenoid, to see if it's bad and thus lighting up the check engine light with a diagnostic... [read more]

This tutorial is a ‘How to Replace the Distributor For the Absolute Beginner’. It will also help you install the distributor in case... [read more] at:

I've had so many folks come up to me and say: "I think the alternator is bad on my car because I disconnected the battery negative (-) terminal with the engine running... [read more]

Testing the compression of all 6 cylinders on the 3.0L equipped Chrysler cars/mini-vans is becoming a standard test when diagnosing a... [read more] at: