Constant Control Relay Module Circuits (1996-1997 3.8L Ford Mustang)

The 1996-1997 3.8L V6 Ford Mustang comes equipped with the Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM).

The CCRM contains the fuel pump relay, the EEC Power relay, the radiator fan motor relay, and the AC compressor relay.

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Here's a brief description of the CCRM circuits:

1996-1997 3.8L Ford Mustang
# Wire Description
1 RED/ORG 12 Volts Output To Radiator Fan.
2 RED/ORG 12 Volts Output To Radiator Fan.
3 BLK/ORG 12 Volts Input For Radiator Fan Relay (Always Hot)
5 DK GRN/YEL 12 Volts Output To Fuel Pump.
8 YEL 12 Volts Input For EEC Power relay (Always Hot).
10 YEL 12 Volts Input For EEC Power Relay (Always Hot).
11 YEL 12 Volts Input For Fuel Pump Relay (Always Hot).
12 RED 12 Volts Output VPWR. Power Output To: Fuel Pump Relay, Fuel Injection Computer, Fuel Inyectors, Etc. (Power In RUN Or ON).
13 RED/LT GRN 12 Volts Input For PCM Power Relay (Power In RUN Or ON).
14 DK BLU Activation Signal Input For Radiator Fan.
15 BLK/WHT Ground (To Chassis).
16 BLK Ground (-) For AC Compressor.
18 LT BLU/ORG Activation Signal (-) For Fuel Pump Relay.
21 DK GRN/ORG AC 'ON' Signal From A/C Heater Control Panel (12 Volt Signal To The AC Compressor Relay Within CCRM).
22 PNK/YEL Activation Signal For AC Compressor Relay.
23 BLK/YEL 12 Volts Output For AC Compressor.
24 RED 12 Volts Output VPWR For Fuel Injection System (Hot in RUN Or ON).

NOTE: A color description made up of two colors separated by a forward slash (for example: RED/ORG), indicates a wire with a solid color and a stripe. For example: RED/ORG, means: red with an orange stripe.

Here's a description of the color codes:

  1. BLK -Black.
  2. BRN -Brown.
  3. DK BLU -Dark Blue.
  4. DK GRN -Dark Green.
  5. GRN -Green.
  6. LT BLU -Light Blue.
  7. LT GRN -Light Green.
  8. PNK -Pink.
  9. ORG -Orange.
  10. PPL -Purple.
  11. RED -Red.
  12. WHT -White.
  13. YEL -Yellow.
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