The following starting system wiring diagrams apply to the 1995 3.8L Ford Mustang equipped with an automatic or manual transmission and with or without an anti-theft module.

NOTE: You can find the wiring diagram for the 1995 3.8L Ford Mustang here: Starter Motor Wiring Diagram (1996-1998 3.8L V6 Ford Mustang).

DIAGRAM 1: Automatic Transmission And Without Anti-Theft Module

Starter Motor Wiring Diagram -Automatic Transmission Without Anti-Theft Module (1995 3.8L Ford Mustang)

NOTE: This starter motor wiring diagram applies to the 1995 3.8L V6 Ford Mustang with an automatic transmission and without an anti-theft module.

Testing the starter motor is a pretty easy affair. You can find the test here: How To Test The Starter Motor (1995-1998 3.8L Ford Mustang).