Ford 4.0L Index of Articles

Testing the Ford Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor on all of the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars and trucks is a very simple test that can be done without a scan tool. All you need... [read more]

Testing the EGR system on your Ford, Mercury, or Lincoln car or truck is a pretty easy affair. You don't need expensive testing equipment to do it and more importantly, with... [read more]

One of the most common problems, with MAF Sensor equipped Ford (Mercury and Lincoln) vehicles, is that the MAF Sensor’s Hot Wires... [read more] at:

Bench testing the Ford 4 or 5 pin relay is not hard to do at all, and in this article I'll show you how to do it (there are two articles in site about bench testing a Ford... [read more]

If you've been wondering if it's possible to test the thermostat (without replacing it on a hunch), the answer is YES! The Thermostat... [read more] at:

Every now and then, the need arises to bench test a Relay to find out if it's really bad or not. This article will help you to bench test the Ford 20 amp multi-purpose... [read more]

With the help of this articel you’ll be able to test the alternator on your 4.0L Ford Explorer, Aerostar, or Ranger or 4.0L Mercury... [read more] at:

Testing the Fuel Injectors on the 4.0L Ford Fuel Injected Engines in the Explorer, Aerostar, Ranger and Mercury Mountaineer can be... [read more] at:

Checking whether your 4.0L Ford Explorer (4.0L Ranger, 4.0L Aerostar, or 4.0L Mountaineer) has a Blown Head Gasket can be done with... [read more] at:

A Compression Test will let you know if the hard to diagnose misfire (or rough idle) condition or no start condition is due to... [read more] at: