Fuel Injector Circuit Wiring Diagram (2008 2.4L (B) Chevrolet Cobalt And Pontiac G5)

This is the typical wiring diagram for the fuel injector circuits on the 2008 2.4L (B) Chevrolet Cobalt and the 2008 2.4L (B) Pontiac G5 and G5 GT.

NOTE 1: The letter (B) after the 2.4L refers to the 8th VIN character.

NOTE 2: The fuel injectors on the 2008 2.4L Chevy Cobalt and 2.4L Pontiac G5 can be tested with a multimeter. You can find the fuel injector tests explained in a step-by-step manner here: How To Test The Fuel Injectors (2.4L Cobalt, HHR, Malibu, G5, G6, Solstice).

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Chevrolet Vehicles:

  • Cobalt 2.4L (B)
    • 2008

Pontiac Vehicles:

  • G5, G5 GT 2.4L (B)
    • 2008