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I can tell you from personal experience that it's not difficult to determine if the manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor is working properly or if it's defective. What's... [read more]

The throttle position sensor (TPS) is probably one of the easiest engine management system components to test on your 2.5L Chevy S10 pickup or GMC S15 pickup. The good news... [read more]

A blown head gasket can be easily diagnosed with one of four tests. Two of these tests do not require any tools to perform! This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions... [read more]

The spark plugs in your 2.5L Chevrolet S10 pickup or GMC S15 pickup have one of the toughest jobs to do in your engine, as they're subjected to an enormous amount of heat... [read more]

If you suspect that an engine compression issue is causing an engine performance or an engine no-start problem, this is the tutorial that will help you find out. In this... [read more]