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Having worked on cars as a professional tech for about 20+ years now , I can tell you that I love working on Hondas! Why? For the... [read more] at:

This is a real life case study about finding a bad fuel injector on a 1994 Honda 2.2L equipped vehicle with a few simple testing... [read more] at:

Diagnosing a Blown Head Gasket on your Honda Accord or Odyssey or Prelude (or Isuzu Oasis) can be easily done with or without tools.... [read more] at:

A broken timing belt will keep your Honda Accord (or Odyssey or Prelude or Isuzu Oasis) from starting. You Honda will 'crank but not... [read more] at:

Testing to see if the alternator in your Honda Accord, or Odyssey or Prelude is bad or not is a very easy test to do. All you need is... [read more] at:

Testing the engine compression, and more importantly interpreting the results this engine compression test, is one of the most... [read more] at:

Making sure the Fuel Pump is really fried, before you replace it, is easy to do on your Honda Accord (or Odyssey or Prelude or Isuzu... [read more] at:

This tutorial will help you to test one or all of the fuel injectors on your Honda Accord (or Odyssey or Prelude) with a simple... [read more] at:

If you're needing a step-by-step Honda Starter Motor testing article, you’ve found it! This article will help you diagnose the... [read more] at:

This tutorial will help you diagnose a P0135 Diagnostic Trouble Code on your 1994-2002 Honda Accord with either a 2.2L or 2.3L 4... [read more] at: