Blower Resistor Continuity Specification Tables

Blower Resistor Continuity Specification Tables. How To Test The Blower Motor Resistor (1995, 1996, 1997 2.3L Ford Ranger And Mazda B2300)

Sooner or later the blower resistor is going to fail. As you've seen so far, testing it is a pretty easy affair.

In the following table I've recorded the results I got testing one on a Ford Ranger.

I can tell you that you're probably not going to see the exact same resistance values and that's OK. The important thing to remember is that if your multimeter shows you a NO continuity test result (indicated by the letters OL on your digital multimeter), the resistor block is bad and needs to be replaced.

Terminal Terminal Resistance
1 2 2.1 Ohms
1 3 0.7 Ohms
1 4 1.0 Ohms
3 4 0.9 Ohms
2 3 2.6 Ohms
2 4 3.1 Ohms

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