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The 3X-18X Crankshaft Position (Crank) Sensor, on the GM 3.8L V6 engine, can easily be tested (to find out if it's bad or not) with a... [read more] at:

If the upstream Oxygen Sensor has failed, one of the most obvious symptoms besides the check engine light being on, is really bad Gas... [read more] at:

Troubleshooting a bad throttle position sensor can be easily done with only a multimeter. The TPS is one of those sensors that you can test, to see if it's good or bad,... [read more]

Testing the Camshaft Position Sensor and/or Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0341, on your 3.8L V6 equipped GM car or mini-van, is an... [read more] at:

In this article, I'll show you how to test the mass air flow (MAF) sensor on your GM 3.8L (3800) vehicle without a scan tool. Now, in case you wondering if this test... [read more]

In this tutorial, we'll cover some of the basics you need to know to troubleshoot and diagnose Diagnostic Trouble Codes P0135 and... [read more] at:

Testing a 'does not crank' problem can sometimes be a challenge since so many things can can cause it. With this case study, I'll explain some of the basic... [read more]

If you're wondering how to test a blown head gasket, on your 3.8L V6 equipped GM vehicle, this is the tutorial you need. In this tutorial, I'll explain the 4 test you can... [read more]

This article will show you how to test and diagnose a bad GM mass air flow (MAF) sensor on all of the early 90 thru' mid 90's Buick, Olds, Pontiac 3.1L, 3.3L and 3.8L V6... [read more]

In this article, I'll show you how to test the thermostat, to see if it's stuck open or closed, without removing it from the... [read more] at: