How To Test The Head Gaskets (1995-1997 2.7L Honda Accord)

How To Test A Blown Head Gasket (1995, 1996, 1997 2.7L V6 Honda Accord)

If you suspect that your 2.7L V6 Honda Accord has suffered a head gasket failure (especially if it has overheated), then this is the tutorial you need.

I'll explain the 4 tests that you can perform yourself. Two of those four test do not require any tools.

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This tutorial applies to the following vehicles:

  • 2.7L V6 Honda Accord: 1995, 1996, 1997.

Symptoms Of A Blown Head Gasket

A head gasket failure will usually cause one of two problems:

  1. The engine does not start.
  2. The engine starts, but starts to overheat within minutes.

Here's a list of the basic symptoms you're going to see when the head gasket fails in your 2.7L V6 Honda Accord.

  • Your Honda vehicle is overheating for no apparent reason. All engine cooling system components (like fan motor, water pump, etc.) are working fine.
  • White smoke is coming out of the tail-pipe and it smells like anti-freeze being cooked.
  • Your Honda vehicle's engine won't start.
  • The engine oil is thick and a tan to an off-white color.

TEST 1: Engine Oil The Color Of 'Coffee With Too Much Creamer'

Engine Oil The Color Of Coffee With Too Much Creamer. How To Test A Blown Head Gasket (1995, 1996, 1997 2.7L V6 Honda Accord)

To get our blown head gasket diagnostic on the road, we're gonna' check the engine oil and see if it's mixed with coolant.

If the engine oil is mixed with coolant in the engine's crankcase, it's gonna' look like 'coffee with too much creamer'.

If the engine oil, sticking to the engine oil dipstick is its normal color and viscosity, the next test is TEST 2.

Let's get started:

  1. 1

    Open the hood.

  2. 2

    Pull out the engine oil dipstick.

  3. 3

    Check the color of the oil sticking to the engine oil dipstick.

    You'll see one of two results:

    1.) The engine oil looks like coffee with too much creamer.

    2.) The engine oil is its usual normal color.

Alright, let's analyze your test result:

CASE 1: The engine oil has the color of coffee with too much creamer. This test result confirms that the head gasket is blown on your 2.7L V6 Honda Accord.

CASE 2: The color of the engine oil is normal. This is the correct and expected test result.

The next test is to see if the engine's compression pressures are escaping into the engine's cooling system (radiator). For this test go to: TEST 2: Coolant Shooting Out From Open Radiator.

Honda Vehicles:

  • Accord 2.7L V6
    • 1995,