Wire Piercing Probe Review (Power Probe PWPPPPP01)

Wire Piercing Probe

This tool will ensure that you don't damage the front female terminal of the connector that you're testing.

This tool is one of the best wire piercing tools that I've ever used (and I've used them all over the years). Here are the main reasons why:

  • This tool has a long handle. This long handle comes in handy when the wire is hard to reach.
  • Very sturdy tool.
  • The tool will center the wire almost automatically as you turn the knob to pierce the wire.
  • Bright color that makes it almost impossible to lose it in the engine compartment.
  • At the bottom of the page, I'll show you where you can buy them since this is a tool that can not be bought at your local auto parts store.
Wire Piercing Probe

To use this wire piercing probe (Power Probe PPPP01 Green Wire Piercing Probe for LS01), you need two other important accessories:

  • You'll need an adaptor to fit it into multimeter's test lead (number 2).
  • You'll also need a multimeter lead with female adaptors on both ends (number 3).

Below are the links where you can buy these tools online:

Wire Piercing Probe