MAP Sensor Wire Identification

How To Test The MAP Sensor (2000-2001 4.7L Dodge Dakota, Durango)

NOTE: When testing the MAP sensor, avoid probing the front of the connector's female terminals. You should use a back-probe or a wire piercing probe.

Pin Wire Color Description
1 VIO/WHT (or ORG) 5 Volt Input
2 BLK/LT BLU Ground Input
3 DK GRN/RED MAP Signal Output

MAP Sensor Code Won't Go Away

There are a few other conditions (problems) that can fool your 4.7L Dodge's PCM into thinking the MAP sensor is bad when it isn't.

So if you've tested the MAP sensor and/or have replaced it and the PCM still says it's bad, I suggest you check/test the following:

  1. Check engine compression. This is due to the fact that if the engine has several cylinders with very low engine compression, it'll idle rough and produce low or erratic vacuum. This in turn will cause the MAP sensor to report a low vacuum condition to the PCM. You can find the engine compression test explained here: How To Check Engine Compression (Dodge, Jeep 4.7L V8) (at:
  2. Check the MAP sensor's connector for damage. The most common problem with the connector is the locking tab has broken. This causes the connector to work itself loose, causing an intermittent false connection.
  3. Check fuel pump pressure with a fuel pressure gauge. A failing fuel pump will cause a lean air fuel mixture that can set a MAP sensor trouble code. You can find the fuel pump test explained here: How To Test The Fuel Pump (4.7L Dodge Dakota, Durango).
  4. The fuel injection computer is bad (internal short). Although this problem is not very common, it does happen.

Before you jump the gun and start replacing the above, test the components first. This will help you save time, money, and the frustration of replacing parts your 4.7L Durango (4.7L Dakota) does not need.

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