Tune Up And Torque Specifications 1991-1994 3.0L Ford Ranger

Here you'll find the essentials to tune-up your 1991, 1992, 1993, or 1994 3.0L Ford Ranger. You'll also find the cylinder head, intake manifold, and intake plenum manifold torque and tightening sequence specifications.

Ignition System Specifications

Firing Order And Cylinder ID: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 3.0L Ford Ranger

1994 was the last year model that the 3.0L V6 Ford Ranger used a mechanical distributor.

1991-1994: Spark Plug Cable Resistance
Ranger 7K (7000) Ohms for each 30 cm.
1991-1994: Spark Plug Air Gap
Ranger 0.042-0.046 inches (1.07-1.17 MM).
1991-1994: Base Ignition Timing
Ranger 10° BTDC (before top dead center).
NOTE: The inline SPOUT connector must be disconnected.
1991-1994: Original Equipment Spark Plug
Spark Plug Motorcraft AWSF-32P (OE)
Motorcraft SP413 (supercedes AWSF-32P)

You can find the 1993-1994 3.0L Ford Ranger fuel pump circuit diagram here: 1992-1994 3.0L Ford Ranger Ignition Control Module Wiring Diagram.

Fuel System Specifications

1991-1994 3.0L V6 Ford Rangers use the EEC-IV electronic fuel injection system. This system uses a fuel injection computer with 60 pins.

Fuel pump is inside the gasoline tank.

1991-1994: Fuel Pressure With Key On Engine Off
Ranger 35-40 PSI (2.5-2.8 Kg/cm²).
Fuel Pressure With Key On Engine Running
Ranger 30-45 PSI (2.1-3.2 Kg/cm²).
1991-1994: Fuel Injector Resistance
Ranger 15-18 Ohms (individual resistance).
Location Of The Fuel Pump Inertia Switch
Ranger Passenger side, beneath glove box.

You can find the 1993-1994 3.0L Ford Ranger fuel pump circuit diagram here: 1993-1994 3.0L V6 Ranger Fuel Pump Circuit Diagram.