GM 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L Index of Articles

This tutorial will help you determine the cause of a misfire or 'no-spark, no-start' condition on your GM car, pickup, mini-van, van or SUV equipped with a 4.3L, or 5.0L, or... [read more]

In three simple test steps, you can find out if the TPS sensor on your GM car or pick up or SUV or Van is bad. You don't need a scan tool, since all three of the tests... [read more]

This MAF sensor is used in all of the different GM Makes: Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and of course GMC (you'll find a complete list of models below). Since this... [read more]

The GM distributor mounted ignition control module (ICM), can be tested on the car or truck easily. Not only that, you don't need any expensive tools to do it. Now, AutoZone... [read more]

This is one of the easiest GM ignition control modules to test. This article will take you step by step through the whole process of diagnosing and troubleshooting a bad... [read more]

This type of EGR valve has made the auto repair industry and GM a ton of money over the years, since it's prone to carbon blockage. Well the good news is that this is an EGR... [read more]

This is one of the easiest mass air flow sensors to test. The following test is an on-car test that checks the performance of the MAF sensor with the engine running. You'll... [read more]