How To Test The Ignition Control Module (1997-1998 2.0L Honda CR-V)

The Ignition Control Module (ICM), on your 2.0L Honda CR-V, is going to fail sooner or later. When it does, your 2.0L Honda CR-V not going to start.

The cool thing is that the ignition control module, which is located inside the distributor, is not difficult to diagnose. Let me tell you that you can accurately diagnose it with just a few simple tools.

In this tutorial, I'll explain to how test it. At the end of the tutorial I'm also going to show you where you can buy the ignition control module and save a few bucks.

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Test The Ignition Coil First

Before you start testing the ignition control module, it's important that you first test the ignition coil (which is also located inside the distributor).

Once you've confirmed that the ignition coil is not the cause of the problem (behind your 2.0L Honda CR-V's ‘no-start condition’), then you can test the ignition control module.

If you need to test to the ignition coil, I have a step by step tutorial that'll show you how to do it. You can find this tutorial here: How To Test The Ignition Coil (1997-1998 2.0L Honda CR-V).

Where To Buy The Ignition Control Module

As you've probably already know, the ignition control module is one expensive component. Check out the following links and comparison shop:

Distributor Connector Circuit Descriptions

How To Test The Ignition Control Module (1997-1998 2.0L Honda CR-V)

The distributor on your 1997-1998 2.0L Honda CR-V has 9 wires in its connector.

Below is a brief description of each of the wires of the distributor connector:

1997-1998 2.0L Honda CR-V Distributor Connector
Pin Wire Color Description
1 BLU CKP Sensor
2 GRN TDC Sensor
3 YEL CYP Sensor
4 -- EMPTY
5 YEL/GRN ICM Control Signal
6 BLU TACH Signal
7 BLK/YEL Power (+)
8 WHT CKP Sensor
9 RED TDC Sensor
10 BLK CYP Sensor

It's important to note that the connector on the distributor itself has male spade terminals.

The engine wiring harness distributor connector has female terminals. Avoid inserting your multimeter test probes inside the female terminals (of the distributor engine wiring harness connector) to avoid damaging them.

NOTE: You can find the ignition system wiring diagram (1997-1998 2.0L Honda CR-V) here: 1997-1998 2.0L Honda CR-V Ignition System Wiring Diagram.