How To Test The Starter Motor On The Car (Step-By-Step)

TEST 6: Bench-Testing The Starter Motor

Bench-Testing The Starter Motor. How To Test The Starter Motor On The Car (Step-By-Step)

After all of the testing on the previous pages, we've come to the conclusion that the starter motor is bad and we can now remove the starter to go out and buy another (or have it rebuilt).

With the starter motor off, we can perform one more (and the last) test. And this is to bench-test the starter motor.

You may asking yourself why didn't we start with a bench-test first? Well, the main reason is that so many things can cause a 'does not crank' condition. The only way to eliminate them as the cause is to begin with a process of elimination that requires the starter motor to be bolted in its place on the engine.

The tests that are the very core of this very important process of elimination have to start somewhere logical so that we can find out the real reason the car or truck won't crank. So then, by following the suggested test steps in this article, you'll be able to pinpoint a bad starter motor or completely eliminate it as the cause of the 'does not crank' condition. Thus saving money and time by replacing and or repairing the right component.

Alright, I have already written an in depth article on to how to bench-test the starter motor. Just click on this link: How To Bench Test A Starter Motor (Step By Step).

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As mentioned before, there are so many things that can keep the engine from turning over to start. Here is a case study of one such vehicle. In this case study you'll see a practical application of the tests in this article on a real world 'Does Not Crank' problem.

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