TEST 7: Misfire Due To Carbon Tracks

Misfire Due To Carbon Tracks. How To Test The Ignition Coils Suzuki: Swift, Vitara - Chevy: Metro, Tracker

So, you got spark from all of the spark plug boots and ignition coil boots, but you're still experiencing a misfire condition. Well it could be carbon tracks that have developed on the inside of the high tension wires and ignition coil boots that are diverting the spark to Ground.

Carbon tracks inside the spark plug boot (whether the boot belongs to one of the two spark plug wires or the ignition coil itself) are common occurrences in this type of ignition system. Not only that, but a leaking valve cover gasket will inundate the spark plug tubes with engine oil, causing a misfire too.

What does a carbon track look like? Take a look at the photos of the image viewer and you'll see what one looks like inside the boot and on the spark plug.

If you do find traces/evidence of a carbon track, you've got to replace both the spark plug and the spark plug wire or ignition coil that has the corresponding carbon track on it. Carbon tracks can not be cleaned or removed.

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